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Post-Divorce Timeline: Here’s what to do after your divorce

By November 3, 2023Uncategorized

The 4 Big Questions for Life After Divorce

Life after divorce. Depending on your situation it’s something that you could either be thinking about constantly during the divorce process, or it’s something that maybe you have even had time to consider. 

What steps should I take following a divorce? How should I feel after my divorce? How do I date again?

After the divorce process, you may be emotionally drained and facing a sense of overwhelm. Yet, it’s essential to recognize that divorce can be the initial stride toward an exhilarating new phase in your life. We work with people from all walks of life and we’ve assisted them in achieving success in their life after divorce. Here are the questions we’ve seen and what we’ve been able to learn.

Will life be normal after divorce?

Marriages often commence with great hopes, but divorce signifies the conclusion of not just a marriage but also the dissolution of a shared dream. If you don’t have children, a divorce can cause a relationship with someone to completely end, this can of course cause significant emotional strain. In the case of couples with children, the relationship will transform into an entirely new dynamic. This change can bring great emotional stress to both parties, whether it’s the one initiating the separation or the one left behind.

But the question remains, when will ‘normality’ return. Everyone is different, but the general rule is that life archives its “new normal” about 18 months after a divorce.

With this transition, what you are likely to experience can take you by surprise, leading you to question your sense of what ‘normal’ is. But, as with any change or challenge, ‘re-establishing’ that normalcy doesn’t just come with time, it comes with effort.

Recovering from a divorce may not be easy for you. As you navigate through the process of mourning or grief, you may encounter various stages. The emotional intensity often peaks in the initial six months following separation, but this grieving journey can extend for up to two years. It’s important to note that while you’re likely to experience all these stages at some point, their sequence may differ from person to person. Remember, it’s completely normal to have feelings of doubt or grief. 

How does your life change after divorce?

Life can change tremendously after a marriage ends. But, for it to change for the better, moving on from the past is crucial. You can’t build your new life while still clinging on to old wounds. The most common factors that determine whether or not someone is still hurting from a divorce are as follow:

  • How long the marriage lasted
  • If there’s children 
  • If there’s been a change in finances
  • The continued relationship between spouses

Redefining your life post-divorce

With everything we’ve mentioned above, it might be hard to even imagine your life after divorce considering it’s affecting so many aspects of who you are. But, undoubtedly, your approach to a life-altering event such as divorce holds the potential to become a pivotal moment in your journey. 

By embracing constructive methods to navigate this transition you can transform a mentally, physically, and financially taxing ordeal into a fresh start. 

After a divorce, numerous individuals often venture into uncharted territories as a way to seek much-needed diversion. It might manifest as a newfound passion for activities. On the flip side, there’s also the risk of slipping into less desirable habits, such as excessive eating or increased alcohol consumption.

Life after a big event should be seen as a journey of self-discover. Recognizing the importance of finding equilibrium between your past self and the person you aspire to become is what can help you change your future for the better!

Is dating after divorce hard?

Dating after divorce. For a lot of people it means one thing: panic. For others it might mean excitement. Depending on how long you were married, or even where you lived when you first were on the dating scene, the new world of dating as an older adult might be daunting. There’s mistakes and lessons to be made, no matter who you are. Here’s three things to consider:

Are you ready for your next relationship

Pushing yourself to commitment is something that a lot of people do after divorce. Meeting someone, hitting it off, and having something casual does not mean you really want to commit to something long-term. One benefit you might have found as a single-person was your alone time and freedom. Finding yourself in a situation where you look around and realize you’re missing that time to yourself because you rushed into something new is something that happens to a lot of people. Don’t sweat it. But, be conscious!

Do you know what you want in a partner?

Learning this lesson can prove to be quite challenging. It’s a lesson that can be summed up like this: when an individual declares their intentions but fails to follow through, their actions reveal their true character. In other words, if your new steady-relationship is showing red-flags, don’t ignore them.

Be patient

Maybe you found someone great, but they’re not comfortable around kids. Maybe they’re great on paper, but you’re not feeling a spark. Maybe they’re not great and you know you’re coming up with excuses. Whatever it could be, that you’re maybe taking things too fast, take a step back and breathe. Be patient.

What do you have to do after divorce?

Specific action items to help you move on after a divorce:

After your divorce, it’s important to take several steps to ensure a smooth transition into your new chapter. First and foremost, meet with your attorney to gain a clear understanding of the necessary actions and timelines required to secure all the property, including retirement benefits, that you were granted in the divorce settlement. Additionally, if you’ve opted for a name change, remember to obtain an official name change order and update it with the DMV, Social Security, and possibly your passport.

If your divorce was contested and you share minor children with your ex-spouse or have a spousal support order in place, it’s wise to set aside funds in a secure lockbox, anticipating the possibility of future court proceedings. Don’t forget to revisit your life insurance and retirement account beneficiaries, ensuring that your former spouse is removed, and make any necessary adjustments to your estate planning. By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to navigate your post-divorce life with confidence and peace of mind.

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