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Slovensky Law can help protect your rights
and interests in a divorce.  Find out more 


Slovensky Law can help protect your rights
and interests in a divorce.  Find out more 

Uncontested Divorce



Preserve your right to support if you believe you are eligible.

Digital Uncontested Divorce

Filing for a digital uncontested divorce also means that you do not need to step foot in a courtroom.


A contested divorce is needed when couples can’t agree to the terms of the divorce and must go before a court to resolve them.

A word from attorneys

Devon has a delightful knowledge of the law, matter-of-fact reasonableness, as well as kindness and understanding in dealing with the complex issues that come with domestic matters.

Her diligence and ability to find humor make her a great addition to our legal community. I am delighted I can call her a colleague and a friend.

Devon is a strong-willed and driven person. She takes on challenges in her field and will look at the subject from every angle and will leave no stone unturned.

Devon tried the case like a murder case.

I highly recommend Ms. Slovensky. We have worked together on several cases where she displayed professionalism, advocacy and extensive knowledge in her practice areas.

I've worked with and against Ms. Slovensky on several matters and I have always been impressed with her work ethic, the way she treats her clients and how she handles difficult situations. Ms. Slovensky is a very knowledgeable attorney and I proudly endorse Ms. Slovensky in any area of practice.

Wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Slovensky for any legal matter. She is knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly thorough in her representation in client matters.

Brilliant. Tough.

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