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3 Tips For Managing Parenting Time As Divorced Parents

By November 3, 2023February 8th, 2024Self-care

Many parents are on the lookout for ways to manage their time better, especially when they have kids. While children bring joy, they also bring challenges. Parenting is hard work, and there are no shortcuts to building strong family bonds. But there are ways to make family life go more smoothly as separated parents. 

Communication sets your children up for success

Effective co-parenting hinges on solid communication. Keeping a candid and open dialogue with your former spouse is crucial to prioritize your children’s well-being. This involves staying in touch regularly, talking about schedules, exchanging necessary documents and receipts, and addressing any arising concerns. This can help not just your child or children but it can help you manage yourself as well.

Using a Parenting App

Co-parenting apps are like your handy sidekick for sharing responsibilities and info in a safe, neutral space. Some family law attorneys and experts actually suggest using these apps to keep conversations in check and hold both parents accountable, especially when you’re splitting custody. There are quite a few tools for divorced parents out there, but let’s dive into why co-parenting apps are the real deal.

Setting Boundaries in Communication

Establishing boundaries in a co-parenting partnership might seem simpler than it really is, but trust us, it’s worth the effort. These boundaries can involve how often you communicate with your co-parent, the times of day you’re available, and even the subjects up for discussion. The specifics of these boundaries vary from one co-parenting duo to another. If conflicts are frequent, it’s a good idea to create clear topic boundaries, like avoiding discussions about your past relationship, your new one, or any sensitive issues. Remember, it’s absolutely fine to set these boundaries and safeguard your personal life; it’s not just good for your peace of mind, it’s crucial for your mental well-being and healing process.

Practice Active Listening

Engaging in active listening is a valuable technique to enhance your communication with your co-parent. It’s all too common to fall into the habit of formulating your response while they’re speaking, but this approach can undermine the effectiveness of your co-parental interactions. To actively listen, direct your full attention to your co-parent, maintain eye contact, and set aside other distractions. Moreover, it’s essential to reflect on or repeat back what they’re saying and the emotions they might be experiencing to ensure complete understanding. If you want to avoid fruitless debates, active listening is one of the places to start. And, if both parents can be active listeners, then even better.

Consistent Co-Parenting

Why is consistency important in co-parenting?

When parents consistently deliver clear messages to their children, it establishes predictability and equips kids with a sense of what to expect. In turn, this routine empowers children to make thoughtful choices. On the contrary, the absence of structure can lead to unpredictable decisions, introducing stress for all involved.

Despite the best efforts to maintain co-parenting consistency, there may be moments when children still express their emotions through challenging behavior like tantrums or issues related to food. Parenting is unquestionably demanding and often comes with its fair share of frustrations, but it’s also exceptionally rewarding.

As children forge their paths in life, the co-parenting process assumes a pivotal role in shaping their future. Providing a nurturing and dependable environment, even across two separate households, offers them the guidance necessary for a promising future.

Don’t Burnout

Parental Burnout is very real and it’s the symptoms a lot, if not most, parents feel when things are simply too overwhelming or are just piling on. Look, there’s no magic bullet for parental burnout. And, even with the perfect routine, schedule, and co-parent, chances are you will experience fatigue. It’s natural. 

Here’s what you can do to make the most of the difficult periods of being a single-parent:


  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Call your friends and family
  • Find something just for you


You might be reading those bullet points and think ‘well, I know that.’ And, it’s true, you’re right. You probably do know what it takes to help your stress and burnout. But, knowing and taking the time to reflect on these points is different. Especially the last point. 

Finding something for yourself, which is not directly related to your work, kids, or usual hobbies, is the perfect way to balance out your stress. Maybe it’s a tv show that’s your guilty pleasure, maybe it’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the motivation to. Whatever it is, it can help you short-term and long-term. 

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