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Digital uncontested divorce

Divorce can be emotionally painful, complying with the legal regulations regarding divorce shouldn’t be.

At Slovensky Law, we can navigate the Court system for you when contemplating a divorce. Once you take the first step, we guide you through the rest of the process to get you through divorce with grace..

Interested in filing for a digital uncontested divorce?

Find out if you qualify

A digital uncontested divorce is the best way to dissolve a marriage quickly, easily, and affordably.

In Virginia, filing for a digital uncontested divorce also means that you do not need to step foot in a courtroom. Digital uncontested divorce offers couples an opportunity to seek a kinder and more peaceful kind of divorce.

View criteria you must meet to qualify

Digital Uncontested Divorce

Get peace of mind

Obtain the end the painful process of divorce and move on with your life.

Find out if you qualify

Here’s the criteria you must meet to qualify:
  • Both parties need to live separately in Virginia for at least 6 months (12 months if you have children)
  • Before filing for divorce both parties must agree on major issues such as:
    • Child custody, child support, and child visitation
    • Division of real estate and personal property
    • Division of assets and/or debt
    • Alimony or spousal support
    • All other outstanding issues
  • Both parties need to seek a no fault divorce, meaning that there has been no wrongdoing by either party like adultery or abuse, or you are willing to not pursue a fault-based claim if you have one.

If you qualify for an uncontested divorce in Virginia, our online divorce process can help you bring your divorce to a quick resolution.

Our digital uncontested divorce process has been refined through the experience of helping hundreds of clients through a divorce. We have learned the ins and outs of many different courts and can use this information to assist you.

No need to read lengthy rules and procedures, figure out court fees, or read inaccurate information from untrusted websites.

We do not collect fees until your qualifications for an uncontested divorce have been met and you have been cleared as an eligible client. Payments are made through a secure website.

Get peace of mind.

Find out if you qualify

Find out if you qualify for a digital uncontested divorce in Virginia today:

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