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Lady with bicycle on beach

Divorce Attorney Devon Slovensky in Grand Turk with a folding bike.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to take some time away from client services and focus on managing my business this December.

I enjoy traveling, and am on currently on a cruise ship in the Caribbean ocean. So how can I do more of this in 2020?

In addition to taking a fine tooth comb to my expenses, I’m also trying to maximize my credit card rewards. (I’m working on another post about rewards rates from different services, but wanted to get this up ASAP).

So, I’m taking up on their 15% of an annual plan offer. (Use code Slovensky100 to get $100 off your first month).

I’m paying for this with my new (overnighted, because I asked nicely) American Express Blue Business cash card with 12 months interest free and no annual fee. I’ll be paying this off as if it were my monthly bill. I get 2x Membership Rewards (very valuable, highly transferable points) on this spend, which stretches the 15% savings even further to about 17% (though I’ll be using the points to plan a 2020/2021 vacation).

I’m analyzing the rewards on common recurring expenses for lawyers, but wanted to get this strategy up, because it ends at the end of the year!

*No one asked me to write this or paid me. If you use my links or tell Smith I sent you, I’ll get something.

Devon Slovensky

Owner, Slovensky Law

Devon is a family law and trial attorney with interests in economics, politics, and evolutionary psychology. She also enjoys learning handstands and watercolors. She loves discovering and trying uncommon causes of action- examples include I-864 enforcement, partition of personalty, and spousal defamation.