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Our suggestions in treating yourself with respect to ultimately benefit your own future.

Take Time for Yourself

During a stressful case, it can be difficult to remain positive and have time to practice self-care. Triggering your body’s relaxation response can reduce (or even reverse!) the mental, physical, and emotional effects of stress. It’s imperative that you set aside time for activities you love and that bring you peace.

Here are our five favorite ways to treat ourselves:

  1. Taking time to read a book without the distraction of electronic devices
  2. Sitting outside or going for a walk
  3. Journaling
  4. Spending time with someone encouraging whether that be a friend or family member
  5. Meditation

The importance of respecting your own needs cannot be understated. Using self-awareness to understand when recharging is essential can greatly improve one’s outlook and mental health.


Meditation is the act of reflection on one’s current position. It is especially helpful in giving context to ambiguous feelings and answering internal questions. The benefits are numerous but some of the most positive are as listed below:

  1. Emotional Balance-to be free of all the neurotic behavior that results from the existence of a tortured and traumatized ego
  2. Calmness- Not letting a negative thought take root and control your mood and day


There are a number of simple and easy ways to facilitate meditation when you have a busy lifestyle.  You can even download apps on your phone that guide you through meditations. Below are our personal favorites:

-Headspace: Meditation


-Meditation Studio

Everyone recharges in a different way. The more aware you are of your emotions and goals the easier it will be to achieve balance and success. Sometimes just taking a deep breath can be a welcome relief from the constant stress placed upon you.

During chaotic times it is human nature to desire a stable environment. In fact, it is one of our basic emotional and physical needs. Therefore to meet this we should strive to be as stable in ourselves as possible.


Here are some daily reminders on how to be present and stay focused:

-Do one task at a time

-Act slowly and deliberately

-Take frequent breaks between tasks

-Spend at least five minutes a day reflecting

-Be present and engaged in conversation

-Eat slowly and savor your food

-Be aware of your experiences


Focusing on the present promotes healthy thought and thus healthy habits. These habits lead to stability

There isn’t a simple or single fix when we find ourselves in situations that make us feel helpless. Allow yourself to heal and invest in yourself emotionally and mentally. You will see the results.