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COVID-19 Message

As COVID-19 fears create unease around the country and around the world, our team at Slovensky Law is here to reassure you that we are still here to help during these uncertain times.

Not only are we offering both phone and video chat consultations to keep your current cases up-to-date, but we are also still able to file new cases at this time.

At this point, many court cases set to occur on or before June 7, 2020, are being continued. Read the Updated Order from the Supreme Court of Virginia here.

Please also be aware of Governor Northam’s Executive Order with “stay-at-home” provisions. Please note that court-ordered visitation is explicitly permitted in this order. If you have questions about how this effects you, please contact us.

Child Custody/Visitation:

Absent extraordinary circumstances, such as air travel or known exposure to COVID-19, and in consultation with their attorney, clients must comply with current orders. While our local courts have not yet issued standing orders and this is a fluid situation, many courts around the country are issuing orders that parents should apply to ordinary school year calendar where applicable. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about custody and visitation.

We encourage everyone and particularly parents to be kind to each other at this time, and we would like to remind you that prior visitation orders are not suspended by these new court orders or by COVID-19 generally.

I hope this finds you safe and healthy.

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