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Parenting Coordination provides a more expedient and civil solution to disagreements then returning to court. These professionals apply their expertise by educating parents about the harmful effects of hostility directed towards each other on their children. They attempt to help mediate issues, and if these are irreconcilable, they can make binding decisions.

In high-conflict cases, one or both parties attempt to abuse the court system for their own conflict resolution or personal gain. By using a Parenting Coordinator, parents make a cost and time effective decision. This relieves the court of the caseload of these frequently personal (and non-legal) disputes. The goal is to reach a plausible solution by aiding parents in cooperating to work towards what is best for their child.

Here are some benefits to Parenting Coordination

  • Communicate effectively and respectfully while controlling negative reactions
  • Reduce conflicts and escalations of them
  • Understand the impact of conflict on their children and prevent negative effects
  • Learn more about the developmental needs of their children to provide a better home environment
  • Negotiate appropriate post-divorce or separation boundaries
  • Identify mutually agreeable parenting goals
  • Discussion of parenting goals
  • Critical evaluation of options within legal guidelines
  • Resolutions reached without weeks-long court waiting periods
  • Money saved by avoiding costly legal fees